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Bluegrass festival links for January 2024.

Jekyll Island New Year’s Bluegrass Festival,
January 4th through the 6th, in Jekyll Island, Georgia.

January 13th – 14th Blythe Bluegrass Festival in Blythe, CA. 

Maunee Bay Bluegrass Festival,
in Oregon, Ohio.

Yee Haw Music Fest
Jan 18th through the 2oth in Okeechobee, Florida.

Western Hills Winter Bluegrass Festival
Jan 18th through the 20th in Wagoner, Oklahoma.

in Golden, Colorado.

Agri-County Bluegrass Festival,
in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Everglades Bluegrass Festival,
 in North Miami Beach, Florida.

SPBGMA Bluegrass Music Awards & Midwest Convention,
January 25th through the 28th in Nashville, TN.


A bluegrass festival brings music lovers and bluegrass bands together. The festival usually lasts a day, a weekend, or a week. Festivals can be found worldwide, but are most prevalent in the United States. In addition to bluegrass artist performances, and jamming in the campgrounds, a bluegrass festival typically offers food, crafts, and other items for sale. Bluegrass refers to the style of music played at the festival.

Planning a bluegrass festival starts months before the event. Funding for these events begins and often involves donations from organizations and companies wishing to promote bluegrass music. Bluegrass singers are invited to attend and perform. The festival is advertised to the public for community involvement.

A bluegrass festival is usually held outside during the warm season and inside for the winter season. Food vendors are set up around the festival or in a nearby location. Festival attendees dress in casual attire and sometimes they dress in period pieces denoting bluegrass roots.

Bluegrass festivals take a tremendous amount of time and effort! Without many unpaid volunteers & community involvement, these events would cease to exist. The Southwest Bluegrass Association encourages all to support their bands, sponsors, vendors,  and buy a T-shirt! Everything you do will go a long way to encourage bluegrass music festival and event promoters. To keep putting their efforts into continuing a tradition of bluegrass festivals & events for us to enjoy!

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