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If you’re not already a member, we’d be happy to have you join our association.

 Members of The Southwest Bluegrass Association Enjoy the Following:

Being a member of a large organization of bluegrass pickers and grinners who bring people together for the preservation, enjoyment, and advancement of bluegrass music. A Bi-monthly newsletter ~ The Bluegrass Soundboard. SWBA-sponsored events campouts & programs to pick, listen (grin), learn & fellowship with people who love bluegrass music.

And We have a whole bunch of FUN!

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SWBA Membership
(single, married, family, USA Residents )

$26.00 per year Regular: This Regular membership is with normal US mail and email delivery of The Bluegrass Soundboard, our bi-monthly newsletter. Includes PayPal charges

Definition of membership:
Single – one person
Married – Couple
Family – Parents and all children under the age of 18 (over 18 is considered adults and must have their own membership)

Membership Options: 1 or 2 Year
Membership: New or Renewal
Add my contact info to SWBA directory: Yes or No
Spouse Name

SWBA Member Band or Business
(Single membership/band or Business listing)

$30.98  per year (includes PayPal charges)

 With the band or business listing, your band or business contact information will be listed in The Bluegrass Soundboard and on this website as an SWBA member band or business. Band photo or Business logo, short description, contact info, website & or social media links on this website. And Band or Business name, City, and contact info in the Soundboard.

The Bluegrass Soundboard, our bi-monthly newsletter mailed and emailed to the band manager.

Definition of Single membership – 1 person

Definition of  Band: A group of 6 (max) persons performing bluegrass and related music for monetary compensation. If you have any questions, contact the Membership Chairman.

1 or 2 Year
Membership: New or Renewal
Add Contact Info to SWBA Directory: Yes or No
Band or Business Name
Website or Social media URL

Help support this website and SWBA, donations are always welcome.

The Southwest Bluegrass Association (SWBA) is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Bluegrass music and family-oriented events.

All donations to the General Fund are greatly appreciated!

The proceeds from all donations support our Bluegrass in Schools and veterans programs, The Bluegrass Soundboard a bi-monthly publication, this website,  & SWBA sponsored events for the preservation, enjoyment, and advancement of bluegrass music.

SWBA has been designated by the IRS as
a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Contributions are deductible for
Federal or State income tax purposes.


SWBA,MembershipThank You for your support 

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